Northwest Heli Structures
Cut maintenance costs and possbile down time by installing the Northwest Heli Structures Sheet Metal Service Decks.

Instead of having to complete the BHT SRM Repair (Pictured Below), install our deck and never worry about Delamination again.

Our Deck comes in two variants:
  1. The Stainless Steel Deck is cost-wise comparable to the composite deck but heavier.
  2. The upper panel on the second variant is made from Titanium which makes the deck much lighter and closer to the weight of the composite deck.

Bell UH-1H
Supplmentary Type Certificate # SR02641SE
Patent # 11,613,340
Bell 212/412
Supplmentary Type Certificate # SR02640SE
Patent # 11,613,340
FAA Certified Repair Station
3911 Spur Ridge Lane
Bellingham, WA 98226